Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Big Ben is Safe

Omar Bakri Mohammed, an Islamic cleric based in Britian since 1986, claims he is desperate to leave the "dictatorship" of Britain but he hasn´t got the proper documents, so he´s stuck there.

But at least he´s putting his captivity to good use.

Bakri regularly broadcasts live on the internet to urge British Muslims to join al-Qaeda. He has also justified suicide bombing, September 11th and the Beslan school massacre in Russia:

"If an Iraqi Muslim carried out an attack like that in Britain, it would be justified because Britain has carried out acts of terrorism in Iraq."

He does, however, have some consolation for the British: he has said that Britain "is not worth" attacking:

"Britain is irrelevant. What would they hit? Big Ben? It´s not worth it."

That´s okay then.

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