Saturday, January 22, 2005

Iranians love Bush

Too good to be true?

Iranians cheer massively Mr. Bush's Inaugural speech

SMCCDI (Information Service)Jan 21, 2005

Reports from across Iran are stating about the massive welcoming of President George W. Bush's inaugural speech and his promise of helping to bring down the last outposts of tyranny.
Millions of Iranians have been reported as having stayed home, on Thursday night which is their usual W.end and outgoing night, in order to see or hear the Presidential speech and the comments made by the Los Angeles based Iranian satellite TV and radio networks, such as, NITV or KRSI.
The speech and its package of hope have been, since late yesterday night and this morning, the main topics of most Iranians' conversations during their familial and friendly gatherings, in the collective taxis and buses, as well as, among groups of young Iranians who gather outside the cities on the Fridays.
Many were seen showing the " V " sign or their raised fists. Talks were focused on steps that need to be taken in order to use the first time ever favorable International condition.

But if this reflects even a fraction of the Iranian reaction, that was one effective Inauguration speech! The spirit of freedom is alive and active in Iran and on the "Arab street". Not bad for a man routinely mocked for his inarticulacy.

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Anonymous said...

If this is true then all the lberals across the world can no longer deny that George W Bush is the mst effective champion of values of freedom and democracy in the world... Thank you for posting this here, this has cheered me up big time, one in the eye for all those whining liberal critics..