Thursday, January 27, 2005

Dadaist Death

Terry Eagleton, the modish Marxist professor, writes in the Guardian about the artistry of the suicide bomber.

Guardian Unlimited Guardian daily comment A different way of death

We have to thank God for the survival of creatures like Eagleton. It seems hard to believe, but when I was at university, he was a cult figure. Undergraduates sat at his feet and hung on his every word, all very Messiah-like. Now his charisma has dissolved into nihilism and precious verbosity. Maybe that´s all there was to him all along. But it´s good to know that he is still producing and getting paid for such priceless witterings as this:

"There is a smack of avant-garde theatre about this horrific act... the brutal slaughter of the innocent, like some Dadaist happening, warps the mind as well as the body. It is an assault on meaning..."

Indeed it is, Terry, indeed it is.

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