Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Inequality Taboo

Charles Murray, writing in Commentary, calls for an opening-up of the debate about statistical differences between the sexes and races.

That aptidunal differences between social groups are empirically provable is no longer controversial in scientific circles, although public discussion of the subject remains inhibited, both scientists and writers staying out of the controversy for pc careerist reasons. The intolerant and misinformed reception of Murray and Richard Herrnstein's "Bell Curve" in 1993 amply demonstrated this. The findings were widely misinterpreted as "racist". Hysteria on that score hasn't diminished in the twelve years since.

Yet if empirical evidence is overlooked in the implementation of our moral principles, unwanted, unlooked for effects will certainly undermine our well-meant intentions.

Link to Murray's article in Commentary:Commentary

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