Monday, August 22, 2005

Intelligent Design: A Testable Hypothesis?

Claude de Bigny, the blog's historical correspondent, has been mixing it with the bloggers over at MemeFirst in the Intelligent Design "debate", and today he hypothesises about evolution and belief in the Deity:

"Whilst belief in a God may be unscientific, or even false," de Bigny speculates, "the evolutionary path of the human race has made it essential to its continued success as a species. When humans abandon their false Gods, in other words, they will be ripe for their own demise. That would be a fine universal irony, and one only a Creator could possibly have come up with (arguably)."

De Bigny may be on to something. It may well turn out, moreover, that scientific method is inherently incapable of discovering the ultimate "truths" about the universe and its condition. Trouble is, we haven't found anything more provably effective than science at grasping these matters and, if such a thing were to exist, only science would be capable of identifying it for us.

The link is to Stefan Geens' piece at MemeFirst:MemeFirst: Intelligent Design: Finally a testable hypothesis

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