Friday, March 18, 2005

China Arms: US Warns EU

As the blog's campaign to deter the European Union from its efforts to sell arms to China swells into a continent-wide movement (see Not in Our Name), the US Ambassador to the EU adds his voice, with the observation that things could turn "very very serious" if the EU persists, and a warning that Congress may draw its own conclusions, and take punitive action which will be inimical to EU trade.

The Ambassador is saying no more than the obvious here. That is right and his duty. He also says some positive things about the draft EU Constitution which will warm some hearts in Brussels - many there had feared that the draft Consitution's undemocratic nature would arouse the President's ire.

Unfortunately not. Clearly the Chinese issue takes precedence in US eyes right now, and the US might turn a blind eye to the faults of the Constitution in return for some European compromise on the arms question.

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