Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Millions of Euros Misappropriated for Propaganda Purposes

Again the EU is spending its citizens' tax money to tell them which way to vote. Added to the Dutch tax money (see Misappropriated Dutch Tax Money) - spending which is surely being replicated by other national governments nervous about the outcome of the referenda - there is 8 million tax euros from the EU Commission, and another 8 million tax euros from the EU Parliament. Earlier there had been talk of 24 million tax euros - this will doubtless be announced later or just be spent without attribution. Who cares?the EU bodies must be shrugging - certainly the taxpayers themselves don't appear to have noticed the full extent of futile wastefulness yet.

The bottom line is that millions of euros will be spent to instruct EU citizens how they should vote. Various referenda have been set in motion to see whether the new EU constitution can rustle up anything resembling a popular mandate. But the EU is nakedly attempting to fix the outcome of these referenda using taxpayers' money - a scandalously corrupt way of proceeding.

Until then, with an added touch of bizarre freakishness, the draft EU constitution will orbit haplessly above us in outer space: the EU is sending it there in hopes of finding supporters, presumably among federally-minded aliens (see EU Space Policy). This lunatic scheme, needless to say, is also funded by EU taxpayers.

It sometimes seems that there is literally no limit to the hare-brained wheezes for which EU taxpayers can be found to foot the bill.

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