Saturday, March 12, 2005

North Korea Threatens Nuclear War

In the attached release from the Democratic People´s Republic of Korea's news agency, the US is warned it will set off a nuclear war if it proceeds with a planned "test war" aimed at "stifling (the DPRK) by force of arms." Should this come to pass, North Korea will forcibly remove all threats to it from the Korean peninsula using the nuclear weaponry available to it.

The world evoked in the current batch of North Korean press releases has a distinctly overheated temper: it is an otherworld peopled by cartoon citizens, veering between manic extremes of icy condemnation and unrestrained happiness. Japanese traitors are "flailed" in one story, whilst in another, we learn that for the past 30 days, people of more than 100 nations have been gaily celebrating a fete in honour of Kim Il Jong's birthday. This blog's invite must have got lost in the post. For a bit of comic relief, the paragraph "US-Advertised ´Freedom and Democracy´ Debunked" has a pungent, nostalgic effectiveness.

But that threat of nuclear war takes the biscuit and no good will come of it.

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