Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Commissioner for Goats Sees "Obesity Epidemic"

Markos Kyprianou, the EU Commissioner for Goats, has looked at some figures showing European obesity is fast catching up with US levels. It´s the only area in which the EU is less than 20 years behind the US. The obesity is affecting not the goats Kyprianou has been testing (see EU Tests 200,000 Goats), but humans.

But instead of celebrating this great good fortune and announcing an end to hunger in the EU, Kyprianou immediately says there's an "epidemic" on and calls for tax money to be spent to tell people that the more they eat, the fatter they get.

Kyprianou began quite promisingly earlier this year when he identified a dangerous tendency amongst goats sometimes to get sick. His response was that more money needed to be spent to test the goats and tell their masters how to stop their goats getting sick again.

But now Kyprianou, perhaps encouraged by his great success among the goats, is simply repeating the reflex formula: spend more tax money to tell people what they already know. It's actionism, pure and simple - no good will come of it and Kyprianou should find something useful to do before the Curse of von Esens sweeps him away into the unregarded footnotes of history.

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