Wednesday, March 16, 2005

EU Lifting of China Arms Embargo: Not In Our Name! (I)

The EU persists in its agitation to end the Chinese arms embargo. A "high-level" delegation has just been slapped down in Washington. Condoleezza Rice said drily that she hoped the Europeans would see that there still some "tensions" in the region. With distinctly martial noises coming from Beijing and outright threats of war from North Korea (see North Korea Threatens Nuclear War), one would have thought the tensions would be impossible to overlook. But the EU seems to have become fixated on its plan to sell China more weapons.

This blog has always been mystified as to what the EU hopes to gain by this course of action, apart from a few more arms contracts and the opportunity to show the world how dashingly independent of the US it is (see Chinese Arms Sales Mystery).

But lifting the arms embargo sends a disastrous signal - confirming to the corrupt and murderous Chinese government its thinking that the world will not demur at Chinese sabre-rattling against Taiwan and its support of the barking mad North Koreans.

The EU policy to lift the Chinese arms embargo is intellectually barren, morally malevolent and a political dead-end. This blog will have nothing to do with the repulsive and inexplicable politicking behind this disgraceful abdication of European responsibility and says, "Arms to China? Not In Our Name!"

We expect that millions of Europeans will share our anger and disgust and will force the EU to abandon its policy before June, when the matter comes to a head.

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