Saturday, February 19, 2005

The EU´s Space Policy

Quote from the EU's document: "Space provides a source of unique and essential tools, enabling governments and international bodies to tackle critical social and political issues."

One of the essential tools mentioned is presumably the EU Constitution, which the EU is launching into outer space (see Constitution in Space).

Anyhow, interesting. And this space document as a whole is full of projects, many of them excellent, many of them as crazy and pointless as sending the constitution into orbit.

Reading it shows you just how out-of-touch a lot of anti-EU commentators have become: - in a lot of areas, the EU is steaming full speed ahead, assuming powers and roles by a de facto assumption and/or usurpation of them.

What is clear is that the EU´s powers and roles will expand indefinitely and incrementally, if left unchecked. And the best way to define and limit those powers is what the constitutional debate should be all about. Otherwise, given the overweening appetites of politicians and bureaucrats, the sky will literally be the limit.
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