Thursday, February 24, 2005

Red Ken Puts Boot In

"Red Ken" Livingstone, the Mayor of London, is a ferocious supporter of Palestinians and a boon companion of radical Islamic clerics. Despite all this, no-one seriously suspected him of anti-semitism. But now he's at the centre of a self-created anti-semitic storm.

Having compared a Jewish journalist to a concentration camp guard and a German war criminal, he has steadfastly refused to apologise for the offence he knows he has caused.

If this most politically-correct, socially aware of Londoners feels he can insult Jews with impunity, then something pretty fundamental has changed in the UK. And it's more than just voting patterns and Muslim immigration, which help to make Red Ken feel electorally secure.

Israel (with whose "fascist" actions Livingstone associated the journalist) has become an accepted target for open leftist contempt - contempt like Ken´s, of the most carefree, kneejerk sort.
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