Friday, February 18, 2005

Unacceptable: the High Priests of Kyoto

Juergen Trittin, the Green Environment Minister from Germany, rebukes the USA for not joining efforts to save the climate:
"It is unacceptable to me and for the climate," he says.

It always amazes me that politicians clearly at a loss to deal with basic human matters like unemployment and immigration become so Messianic and dogmatic when it comes to the climate, something they have absolutely no control over at all. The idea that a dim, ineffectual fellow like Trittin can speak on behalf of the climate is laughable. But many people seem attracted to this sort of self-righteous posing.

The Kyoto Protocol itself is what is unacceptable, an example of our modern-day fetishisation of the ineffable. It should be resisted by all reasonable men.
EUbusiness - Germany scolds US, calls for dramatic EU cut in carbon pollution

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