Sunday, February 13, 2005

"No Tears for Krauts..."

"No Tears for Krauts" is the motto of the hard-left demonstrators who believe that mourning German victims of World War II is to mourn the passing of Nazism.

These folks will be in Dresden today - the 60th anniversary of the Allied firebombing of the city - seeking to disrupt the remembrance of the dead. More specifically, they want to disrupt the neo-Nazi NPD´s remembrance of the dead.

One would normally support almost any effort to oppose the drivelling neo-Nazis. But "No tears for Krauts" sticks in the craw.

It would be difficult to conceive of a confrontation more irrelevant than that between the neo-Nazis and the "No Tears for Krauts" gang. Both groups are politicising an event they do not fully understand. Both groups are playing with history and the memories of people whose fate has become a kind of political football. And mainstream German politicians are utterly clueless on this topic, unable to give a proper lead.

That will be left to the people of Dresden. The silent majority, in this case, will prevail, and will honour the dead with dignity.

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