Friday, February 25, 2005

New Sorrellism : "At Least Less Worse"

Sir Martin Sorrell, speaking about communications group WPP's 2004 performance in Europe, said that it was "at least less worse" than the previous year.

An excellent new Sorrellism (from Esens' Lexicograph: "Sorrellism : gnomic utterance about economy capable of multiplicit interpretation") to join his "bath shaped recession" of two years back.

Sorrell´s bath turned out to be a lot longer than conventional baths, certainly as far as Europe went. But his "prognostications" for the coming year, despite its being an odd-numbered year with neither summer Olympics nor US elections to boost adspend, are quietly positive. That´s good. Europe badly needs to get out of the doldrums of miniscule growth, and advertising is the economy´s weathervane in that respect.

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