Friday, February 18, 2005

Europol Rudderless

Europol, the EU´s police agency, co-ordinating Eurowide efforts against international terrorism and other crimes, has been without a chief for 6 months now.

There are deep-seated differences between the candidates and the EU is torn between them. The French are adamant that a job of this nature can only be performed by a Frenchman. The Germans, meanwhile, argue that a German would be the best suited for the job. In Italy, supporters of an Italian candidacy point to Italy´s long history of success in exporting international crime. The Spanish, on the other hand, with comparable success in the Inquisition arena, see Spain as the womb of counter-terrorist expertise.

How can such ideological differences be overcome? This blog proposes an intensive programme of miscegenation as the only fertile solution. We Europeans need to breed more, anyway, if we don´t want to come under sharia law in the next few years, and see institutions like Europol replaced with committees of mullahs.

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