Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Hunting Banned in UK from Friday

This morning hunting campaigners lost their last chance to stop the ban on hunting with dogs, which will now go ahead as of Friday.

It is a great victory for urban anti-hunting activists and for the class warriors who still thrive at a senior level within the Labour government.

The losers - apart from the ancient hunts and their many followers - are foxes, which will henceforth be killed more cruelly and less efficiently, and the beagles and other hounds who chased them, many of whom will have to be put down.

Another case of unintended consequences - the hunt ban gained much well-meaning support from people feeling that it was cruel to hunt, people who would be horrified to learn that their good intentions have served only to make life worse for foxes and, sadly, impossible for beagles.
Guardian Unlimited Special reports Court of appeal backs hunt ban

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