Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The E 3´s Tricky Sale

In addition to persuading Iran´s mullahs to stop making atom bombs, the dashing "E 3" troika (Germany, France and the UK) has been doing the hardsell on Poland´s government regarding the purchase of aircraft for its (68% government-owned) national carrier LOT.

Schroeder, Chirac and Blair have personally spoken with Poland´s PM to close the sale on behalf of the EU´s Airbus company.

LOT has always bought from Boeing before, and this particular bit of salesmanship has a lot of political form.

Coming hot on the heels on the sale of 5 Airbus aircraft to China (see Way to Go), success in this matter would do much to establish the "E 3" as genuine EU superheroes.
Aerospace Notebook: Poland's choice has political subplots

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