Friday, February 18, 2005

Net Closing in on Fischer: Visa Scandal

Hundreds of thousands of criminals and prostitutes flooded into Europe thanks to Joschka Fischer´s insistence to allow virtually anyone who wanted to entry on visitors´ visas.

The scandal (see Visa Scandal Enmeshes Ficher 8 Feb) has been front page news for weeks, but Fischer´s personal popularity, and his slippery avoidance of making public comment on the particulars (other than the vague acceptance of "political responsibility") may still see him through. Either way, it will liven up the regional elections in Schleswig-Holstein (this weekend) and Nordrhein-Westphalen (this May).

Whether the weak opposition parties can make something out of it - given their inability to get much political traction even out of 5 million unemployed Germans - remains to be seen.
NZZ:? Joschka Fischers Befragung verz?gert sichInternational 2005 02 18 09 02

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