Friday, February 11, 2005

Moron Defends Doubling MPs Pay

Edgar Moron, the Chairman of the Nordrhein-Westphalen socialist SPD party, today defends the proposal to double MP´s pay to 9500 euros per month.

Moron dismissed opposition suggestions that doubling their salaries might not be the best move, politically, at a time of record unemployment (over 5 million people are out of work in Germany). Moron said that such criticism smacked of "populism" and advised the opposition CDU party not to "isolate itself further" on the matter. Moron´s barefaced cheek in shouting down any criticism of his fat-cat package can only be seen as recklessly honest.
Edgar Moron MdL

In fairness to Moron, the doubling of the MPs salary will coincide with the removal of some tax-free benefits. All the same, it´s a damn fine paypacket for a part-time job, most taxpayers would agree.

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