Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Moron says Government´s critics undermine democracy

A few days ago I mentioned that record-high jobless figures in Germany were causing political unrest. Edmund Stoiber, leader of the CSU, said that increased unemployment could cause increased support for extremist groups such as the neo-Nazi NPD, with its seats in the Saxony parliament. Although his remarks were harmless enough (and he has been reiterating them in Passau today), German politicians have been queuing up to scorn the "irresponsible" Stoiber for daring to bring the topic up.

Now Edgar Moron, Chairman of the socialist SPD party in Nordrhein-Westphalen, wades in with his own measured contribution. He says that to criticise Chancellor Schroeder by linking his government to unemployment and so to neo-Nazis is to undermine the very foundations of German democracy.

Funny, that. I´d always thought that criticising your government - especially when unemployment goes through the roof - was an eminently respectable and democratic thing to do. I clearly needed a Moron to put me in the right about that one.

Moron´s remarks were released on his own website earlier today:
Edgar Moron MdL

As the mudslinging continues, it is hard to see exactly who - apart from the NPD and the childish politicians themselves - will benefit from this Moronic attempt to seize the moral high-ground. Shutting down a debate about unemployment, its causes and its consequences, is unworthy of such a senior politician. Yet this is what Herr Moron is trying to do. None of this posturing will do anything to reduce unemployment. Edgar Moron should hang his head in shame.

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