Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Royal Engagement: Trials of Foffi and Sweety (3)

Prince Ferfried von Hohenzollern ("Foffi") and his gorgeous bride-to-be, tragic widow Tatjana Gsell ("Sweety"), could tell Prince Charles and Camilla a thing or two about star-crossed romances (See The Prince and the Widow below), but with characteristic modesty, they haven´t spoken out on the matter yet.

Instead, they have been fending off an extraordinary deluge of lèse majesté. Many mocked them for the John Lennon-inspired "bed-in", with which they got the Ball rolling in Vienna last week. And yet who shall deny that a bit of love, peace and understanding is sorely needed in these horrid times? And who better to show the way than the shapely, pouting widow and her prancing Prince Foffi?

This blog called on the people of Vienna to honour the new royal pair (see Foffi and Sweety 2 below). It seems that Vienna has not responded with quite the enthusiasm which is Foffi and Sweety´s due. Their Right Royal Highnesses appear not to have had such a ripping time at the Ball - there were a lot of upstarts and, frankly, frightfully common characters there, of course, and the social mix was to neither Foffi´s nor Sweety´s liking.

But this blog will not desert them in this their hour of social purgatory. Let us be the first to acclaim the lovely couple´s dazzling performance. And until royalty is afforded the respect it deserves in Europe (a long wait, I fear), we shall simply have to stiffen our upper lips into a snarl of defiant contempt each time Foffi and Sweety´s names are dragged through the mud by that rabble of recalcitrant republican rascals.

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