Monday, February 07, 2005

Carnival in the Rhineland

Carnival in the Rhineland enjoys its Rosenmontag today. Floats parade the streets and the people are showered with sweeties.

In Mainz and Duesseldorf this afternoon, among the many floats featuring political themes, there´s one with an effigy of President Bush baring his bottom, allowing Angela Merkel (leader of the supposedly conservative CDU party) ingress up his arse. On another, a grinning Bush as Uncle Sam aims a crucifix mounted with a rocket-head - "God Bless America!". Finally, moving from political to religious lampoon, a smiling Cardinal Meissner puts a torch onto a woman who has had an abortion.

Good-natured knockabout stuff. Just as well, in fact, that they stayed on the safe side and omitted to lampoon any Islamist figures of fun. That might have led to trouble. And Rosenmontag, at least until sunset, is for the children. We wouldn´t want some suicide bomber to get the wrong idea.

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