Saturday, February 05, 2005

IRA to keep its weapons

Irish terrorists the IRA, having announced that they´re withdrawing from the weapons-decommissioning scheme, now protest that the British and Irish governments aren´t taking their announcement seriously enough. "They need to take their heads out of their asses for a start," Sinn Fein´s leader Gerry Adams remarked of the Irish and British governments.

The IRA are murderers and gangsters. That they were offered the chance to participate in government was one thing, arising out of the understandable desire to bring them within some kind of responsible political framework. Not all terrorist groups are willing to surrender the source of their power so easily, however. The IRA have clearly realised that they would prefer to hang on to theirs. One hopes that this will provide the signal to expel them from politics, and confine them to the illegal paramilitary activities at which they excel. That way, at least, their crimes and murders can be dealt with by the law, rather than being shrouded by the wilful blindness of the peace process.

RTE News - Govts playing down statement says IRA

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