Wednesday, May 18, 2005

EU Appeasement of Cuba (II)

If anyone needed any more proof that appeasement of dictatorships backfires, Fidel Castro gave it to the European Union yesterday night.

Although the EU ended its so-called "cocktail wars" with Cuba last February (a disgustingly supine move which banned anyone opposed to Castro's regime from attending EU embassy parties) this has not secured it even the minimum of respect for its European delegates.

Last night, two Polish MEP's were frogmarched to Havana airport for daring to associate with opposition figures there, and sent unceremoniously home.

The EU's de haut en bas contempt for democracy is plain in all it does, so it is unlikely to feel at all strongly about Cuba's insult on that score. But it does possess a fearsomely strong sense of amour propre - which may lead it to react to this provocation. Cocktail swizzle-sticks at dawn, then, and not a moment before time.

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