Monday, May 02, 2005

Chairman Müntefering Pelted With Eggs In Kapitalismusdebatte

Chairman Müntefering, of Germany's ruling SPD party, was pelted with eggs as he addressed supporters in Duisburg over the weekend.

It was all part of the exciting "Kapitalismusdebatte" initiated by the Chairman three weeks ago, in which he has been busily branding capitalists as "locusts" who are to blame for Germany's unemployment. The blog has devoted enough space to this sad exercise in political desperation. And now that the latest polls show that the Chairman's ploy has not raked in any more votes for his declining party, it seems the Kapitalismusdebatte has run its course.

Much excitement is generated in Esens when we hear that the Chairman has been bandying about a blacklist containing the names of the guilty capitalists. We scan the list to see if we have been denounced. Alas no, it's a false alarm. The names are all those of American companies. The blog remains free to spawn its capitalist filth for another day.Die Zeit - Politik : Eier gegen M?ntefering

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