Friday, May 13, 2005

Nothing But Bad News: Week In Review

Nothing but bad news has been coming out of Europe the past week or so. No sooner is Blair re-elected in Britain than Glenda Jackson, the Labour MP for Hampstead and Highgate, demands that he resign. He meekly agrees to an "orderly transfer" of power to his successor, whom everyone assumes will be the granite-faced socialist Gordon Brown.

In Germany, the Müntefering Terror continues, with capitalists being spat at and reviled by leftist oafs on the public airwaves as a matter of daily routine. The German Bundestag, with a Stalin-like near-unanimity of 569 out of 594, approves the draft EU constitution, ushering in the end of Germany's short-lived democratic experiment.

Then Edith ("Lea") Rosh, having dug up part of a corpse at Belzec concentration camp, agitates for it to be incorporated into the brand-new Jewish Memorial in Berlin. As a lapsed protestant, she is perhaps unaware that Jews and other civilised people are horrified by such grisly and impious acts. But her personal convictions give primacy to publicity at the expense of a dead person's mortal remains.

And so it goes, on and on.

In Moscow, President Putin allows the German Chancellor, Schröder, to participate in a celebration of the USSR's victory over Germany. Schröder enjoys himself with an enthusiasm that is nauseating, not to say highly suspicious, giving out great bear-like shouts of joy and laughter as the festivities proceed.

The EU, shamed by the blog's successful "Arms to China? Not In Our Name!" campaign, ventures to suggest to China that if Europeans are to lift the arms sanctions, it might be helpful if Beijing could at least play along in the matter of human rights. The Chinese angrily reply that linking the two is "an insult".

More misappropriation of the remembrance of the dead comes from Margot Wallström, the EU's hypnotically attractive Swedish Communications Commissioner. She says that it was the EU which brought down communism. No-one dares to correct her elementary blunder. Encouraged, she goes on to say that the EU's draft constitution is the only thing that stands between Europe and a renewed Nazi onslaught. The constitution, she promises us, will stop the "greed" that caused World War II.

By now, no-one is in any mood to object, united in our hatred of greed, and blinded as we all are by her intense Nordic beauty.

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