Tuesday, May 17, 2005

EU Communications Commissioner Posts in Swedish Only

Margot Wallström, the EU's Communication Commissioner - has come the most frightful cropper with her speech saying that the EU's draft constitutional document is the only thing standing between Europe and another holocaust.

And now her last posting (last Sunday's) in which she addresses the controversy her cheap and self-serving remarks have caused, is written in Swedish only, thus preventing her many English-speaking fans from understanding what can have got into her.

Clearly, her first priority, in this matter, is to protect her reputation in Sweden in the first instance.

Like all Commissioners, she attaches far more importance to success "at home" than success in Brussels. It is one of the many reasons to be deeply wary of the draft constitutional document, which proposes to increase the power wielded by these embittered people, political rejects at home. Commissioner Wallström's latest posting is an interesting example of this mindset in action. EUROPA - Margot Wallstr?m, Vice-President of the European Commission: my blog

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