Friday, May 27, 2005

The Curse of Von Esens (IV): No More Moron

Edgar Moron, Chairman of the Nordrhein-Westphalen SPD party (leftist), has resigned in the wake of last Sunday's stunning election defeat.

He is the most tragic victim of the Curse of Von Esens, which was invoked on the socialist SPD party in light of their Blitzkrieg Against Capitalism - an election ploy which badly misfired.

Moron, a regular fixture on this blog, will be missed. Although he was a quintessential political hack, faithfully echoing the party line, he provided good light relief, a much underestimated quality in these woeful times.

What was his finest hour? For our money, it was when he said that criticism of Chancellor Schroeder's SPD government (for presiding over 5 million unemployed) was tantamount to undermining democracy.

It was Moron who observed that a victory for the centrist opposition would see the unchecked rule of Kapital. We shall see whether his warning was accurate. An epidemic of homeless paupers, aggressively soliciting harridans, schnapps-sodden derelicts - their eyes cruelly put out by the spent cigar stubs of smooth-chopped capitalists - would certainly add some life to the leafy streets of Esens, where such scenes are remarkably rare.

But we're not counting on it any time soon.

Edgar Moron MdL

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