Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Müntefering Terror Continues

As the regional elections in Nordrhein-Westphalen come to their climax (voting is this Sunday), the Chairman of Germany's ruling SPD party, Chairman Müntefering, continues to flail out at his perceived class enemies.

The Müntefering Terror, as it is called in Germany, has already seen Americans, Jews and capitalists painted into corners as the secret destroyers of Germany's prosperity. Never once has Chairman Müntefering shown any regret for his scandalous and inflammatory allegations. Instead, he revels in thuggery, continually increasing the rhetorical heat.

Yesterday, after a debate between the SPD and CDU candidates, Müntefering entered the fray again. After the opposition CDU candidate had emerged a winner on 3 out of 5 key issues, Chairman Müntefering reduced the debate - and the upcoming vote - to a simple question of personality, or rather, brute power.

He dissed the CDU man, Rüttgers, the strongest way he could: "Nordrhein-Westphalen kann nicht vom Weichei regiert werden," he said. ("NRW cannot be governed by a sissy").

Good old Chairman Müntefering - he may not have anything much in the way of intelligence or a moral sense, but he's ever so handy when the level of debate needs to be torpedoed down to the lowest level, that of the political gutter.

The link is to the (German-only) Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.Wahl in NRW: M?ntefering: R?ttgers ist ein ?Weichei? - FAZ.NET - Politik

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