Friday, April 29, 2005

Bombshell for Müntefering: Proposed EU Constitution

The blog would like to draw the German government's attention to a section of the draft constitutional document (which, by the way, it intends to approve without consulting the German people), a section which appears to have escaped its notice.

It is of especial relevance in relation to Chairman Müntefering's repeated condemnation of "international capitalists" and their locust-like ravages on the poor German economy.

It is our old friend Article I-12;3, relating to Categories of Competence:

"Member states shall coordinate their economic and employment policies within the arrangements as determined by Part III, which the Union shall have competence to provide."

What this means is that economic and employment policies shall be determined by the European Union. To be specific, policies will be initiated by the (unelected) EU Commission and a vote will then be held by the European Parliament. National states will be subservient to the laws which emerge from this process, and will merely be there to execute and enforce the EU's policies, as far as the economy and employment are concerned.

In light of this, the blog again asks what is the point of Müntefering's soi-disant Kapitalismusdebatte, which is currently raging in Germany, when the German government is fully intending not only to hand over the power of action in this area to the EU, but is proposing to do so without even consulting the German people?

Surely, if Müntefering wants his Kapitalismusdebatte actually to lead anywhere - other than the cul-de-sac of cheap polemical points against capitalists and businessmen - he should be doing so in Brussels? And if he doesn't like the sound of that, shouldn't he be agitating for a Verfassungsdebatte (a debate on the draft constitutional document) instead?

The link is to a pdf of the English version of the draft constitutional document:

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