Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Carstensen Ends 17 Years of SDP Rule in Schleswig-Holstein

Two months after the Curse of Von Esens was first invoked against Heide Simonis (SPD) - then still clinging on to power as Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein, in defiance of her rejection by the voters - the blog is delighted to announce that tomorrow, all things being equal, Peter Harry Carstensen (CDU) will take over as Prime Minister there.

The fall of Simonis was sealed after her immoral and arrogant machinations incurred the blog's wrath back in February. She was brought down in a melodramatic denouement during which one of her own "supporters", acting in the interests of democracy, failed to give her the deciding vote she needed.

Peter Harry Carstensen, who is a farmer, is certain to be a big improvement, as well as a portent for the national German government, which faces the voters next year.

The link is to ntv and is in German only: n-tv.de

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