Thursday, April 07, 2005

Moron Launches Vote-Winning Gimmick

Edgar Moron, Chairman of the Nordrhein-Westphalen Social Democrats, has found an exciting initiative with which to entice voters in the upcoming regional elections in the biggest of Germany's Länder. He advocates, with unwonted passion, that caravans should not be subjected to a higher rate of taxation.

Although punitive taxation was entirely appropriate for unpopular four wheel drive vehicles, taxing caravans on the basis of the extra emissions they cause was not, Moron maintained.

This blog has nothing but respect for politicians who don't want to raise taxes and, in a different way, for Moron's always entertaining effusions - and this is a true Moronic gem. With over 5 million unemployed, economic stagnation, and millions of illegal immigrants swarming across Europe as a result of his government's idiocy, Moron clearly needed something pretty sensational to distract embattled voters from the comprehensive failure of his party's policies.

This caravan ploy might just do the trick. But I wouldn't count on it, Herr Moron.

The link is to the (German-only) Moronic site.
Edgar Moron MdL

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