Monday, April 25, 2005

Madonna's UK Voting Drive

The UK will go to the polls on May 5th and, as seems to be becoming a standard part of the electoral process, sundry stars are wheeled out to tell people to go and vote.

Madonna is joining the gang this time round. It is all being organised and publicised by Rupert Murdoch's tabloid the Sun.

Murdoch has positioned the paper to support Blair's re-election. One of the biggest threats to Blair's success is voter apathy. If enough Labour loyalists stay at home, Blair's share of the vote will suffer.

The self-important posturing of Madonna and her friends is thus far from being politically neutral. The fact that not voting is every citizen's right and in itself a democratic statement has probably not occurred to them. But it is a right well worth protecting - Iraqi bravery notwithstanding - from this fascistic urge to oblige everyone to vote.
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