Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Setback for Sweety

Speaking of royal heartbreak, there's a sad development in the romantic story of Foffi ("Prince Ferfried von Hohenzollern") and Sweety ("Frau Tatjana Gsell"). There's bad news for Sweety, who has, unfortunately, failed in her appeal to suppress all public reference to the fact that she was tried, found guilty and received a suspended 16 month sentence for her involvement in a tragic insurance fraud (the "theft" of her then husband's expensive car, organised by her and accomplices) in which her husband died.

Uninformed commentators of a malicious bent may take this as a license to assail poor Sweety in the public prints! Luckily, she has found deep solace in the arms of her own dear Prince Foffi.

The blog, although it would have faced a stiff fine or jail sentence if Sweety's appeal had come off, nevertheless wishes the regal pair all success (especially in regard to Prince Foffi's committed support of the campaign to stop the EU from lifting the Chinese arms embargo).

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