Thursday, April 14, 2005

EU Fraud

Last year the EU spent some 54 million euros of taxpayers' money to combat fraud.

At just over a million euros a week, that's probably seen as the most negligible of peanuts by the European Commission. As a humble taxpaying blog, however, we note the following:

- The European Parliament has just voted to continue with the much derided system which allows MP's to claim travel expenses without any backup. This is turning our own representatives, who should be setting an example to us all, into cheapskate freeloaders.

- OLAF (the European Anti-Fraud Office) conducted an inquiry into the use to which EU money given to the Palestinian Authority was put - ie. was European taxpayers' money used to finance terrorism against Israel? The answer? OLAF couldn't prove it because it wasn't allowed access to all the figures. Oh well, never mind then.

Note to the EU Commission: we all know it's just window-dressing, but those 52 million euros, quite frankly, are going straight down the pan, aren't they?

The link is to the EU's own figures relating to fraud-busting:

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