Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Chinese Arms Embargo: Not in Our Name ! (III)

The blog's campaign to stop the EU's disgraceful plans to lift the Chinese arms embargo continues to gain prominent adherents. Richard Gere and Prinz Ferfried "Foffie" von Hohenzollern were quick off the mark to signal their support.

Now one of the policy's chief sponsors, German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, has indicated that he doesn't support the policy either! The reason for this apparent volte-face is that Fischer is facing his Green party's conference and he wants to avoid any embarrassing attacks from within his own ranks.

So Fischer's months-long silence about the China arms embargo - designed to support the Chancellor's stance of support for Chirac in promoting the scandalous policy - has had to be sacrificed for the greater good of his own political survival.

Good luck with that, Joschka, and welcome aboard!

Hero von Esens: EU Lifting of China Arms Embargo: Not In Our Name!

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