Saturday, June 18, 2005

A German Diplomat's View of the USA

A senior German diplomat gives an unusually frank insight into the view of America shared by many members of the German mainstream. The content won't surprise anyone too much, but it's likely to be the first time since Nazi days that any member of the German diplomatic corps has been reported espousing such flagrant, moronic anti-Americanism.

The highlights:

- Guantanamo Bay is worse than Stalin's Gulag;

- Civil rights in the USA are worse than they were in Europe in the Middle Ages;

- "The only people who appreciate American foreign policy are poodles."

There you have it. A neat summation of how "progressive" politicians, diplomats and media folk in Germany (and much of Europe) currently see America. The only thing missing is the old "George W. Bush is a moron and a puppet" misunderestimation - but maybe the German diplomat thought that was too obvious to need saying..

Link to the full article in the Wall Street Journal:OpinionJournal - Taste

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