Monday, June 06, 2005

The Headless Chickens of Europe

They've all been at it over the weekend - President Chirac of France, Chancellor Schroeder of Germany, EU President of the Commission Barroso, EU President Juncker - saying that the "ratification process" must continue.

It is no point telling these men that the constitutional document, since its rejection in Holland and France, can no longer be ratified (unless Dutch and French voters are asked to vote again, a procedure unlikely to fly). And, as we mentioned here last Friday, the UK will today be cancelling - sorry, postponing - its own referendum.

So why are they all still at it? Headless chicken syndrome? Trying to win time? Forcing the "blame" for the killing of the treaty to fall on the UK? They're so panicked and out of touch, these senior politicians, that their current sottises are probably down to "all of the above."

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