Friday, June 10, 2005

Joschka Fischer Returns from Washington Empty-Handed

Joschka Fischer, the policeman-beating pacifist Green who metamorphosed into Germany's Foreign Minister, was in Washington this week, angling for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. He met Condoleezza Rice who gave him what can only be described as a cordially dusty diplomatic response.

As this blog has repeatedly pointed out, the Germans were on a hiding to nothing with this one, and the mammoth efforts of the German socialist government were no more than political actionism and time-wasting.

No interest of the United States is served by further dilution of the Security Council. The UN needs radical reform, in any case, so there isn't a lot to be gained from tinkering with the composition of its committees and councils. The anti-Americanism of Fischer and his socalist colleagues, with their contemptuous dismissal of US policies and their visceral dislike of George W. Bush, won't have won them many friends in Foggy Bottom, either.

A fitting outcome, then, for Germany's unpleasant and arrogant Foreign Minister, a man whose career and policies are coming to their well-merited end.

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