Thursday, June 09, 2005

Zimbabwe - Mugabe's Murambatsvina

Zimbabwean opposition to the dictatorship of Mugabe is hardening as Mugabe clamps down with ever-increasing brutality on his opponents. The latest victims of Mugabe's megalomania are hundreds of thousands of citizens who used to live in the townships of Harare and Bulawayo - areas in which people's hatred of Mugabe is well-founded and vocal. Their homes have now been bulldozed away, part of a cynically-termed "clean-up operation", or, in Shona, Murambatsvina. 20,000 arrests have been made.

The media in Europe highlight a Dominican AIDS-orphans hospice which has been swept away in Hatcliffe Extension in Harare. But, exciting as Mugabe may find the persecution of nuns and orphans, his trigger-finger is really itching to wipe away the opposition, whose dispersal - away from the townships and into the country - makes them far easier to control.

Voices calling publicly for Mugabe's removal continue to make themselves heard in Zimbabwe. Jan Lamprecht, for example, writing in Zimdaily today, calls for Mugabe's dictatorship to be removed by force. Mugabe's days are certainly numbered, and it is hard to think that things could get worse for Zimbabweans if it happens sooner rather than later.
Zimbabwes Biggest Daily Online Newspaper - Zimbabweans Consider Millitary Action Against Mugabe

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