Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Michael Jackson Free After Disturbingly Prurient Trial

The grotesque lynching of Michael Jackson's reputation has ended with the star found not guilty on all 10 counts.

In a disturbingly prurient trial which boiled down to one set of mercenaries' words against another, the credibility of the accusers was the sticking point, and this was so compromised by their grasping natures and inconsistencies that the jury had no alternative but to set Jacko free.

This has disappointed a lot of citizens who were hoping for his semi-public immolation in jail. Some of the commentators on CNN Europe, for example, who had been smilingly confident that Jackson would be convicted, were surprised and affronted when the verdicts were read out.

But all these lynch-mob minded people should rest easy - Michael Jackson will be under much more public scrutiny outside than inside, and will probably end up suffering far more.

As the Reverend Jesse Jackson would do well to remind us, our Christian feelings of compassion should be directed as much at Michael Jackson himself, as at his accusers, who appear to have been deluded and defrauded by greed.

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