Friday, June 03, 2005

Schroeder "A Social-Climbing Plebeian With Frightful Inferiority Complexes"

Gerhard Schroeder Toasts the Class War

Vicious snobbery has been going out of fashion for a while now.

Here in Germany, it is scarcely even salon-fähig (socially acceptable) these days.

Marxism too, for all Chairman Müntefering's attempts to reintroduce it into mainstream German politics (see the various posts on the Müntefering Terror below), has lost most of the elan it undoubtedly possessed in the 1920s.

So it is good to see the left-wing Stern magazine resurrecting both in an impressive double-whammy of an interview with 80 year-old ex-SPD figurehead and "social conscience" Peter von Oertzen. Speaking of the German Chancellor, von Oertzen remarks:

"Schroeder is driven by simple things, he wants to be be recognised by cultured people, by the rich and powerful. He is a social-climbing plebeian full of the most frightful inferiority complexes."

It's funny how almost all the Marxists are such howling snobs. It was always so. Love of the proletarian masses in the abstract seldom translates, alas, to love of actual proletarians. It's no doubt something to do with blanket condemnations of entire classes of society - not to mention the chance to be insufferably unpleasant about people under guise of a spurious superiority, another vice to which which both snobs and Marxists are hopelessly addicted.

Still, in this case, it has to be said that von Oertzen has hit the nail on the head, and is highly to be commended. He has put the horrid little working-class oik Schroeder in his place, where he belongs.

This equality lark has gone on long enough. It is time to talk about the things which really matter.

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