Saturday, July 16, 2005

"Make More Money!" Green Spokeswoman for Women Orders German Women

A study conducted by the International Labour Organisation (a sinister UN agency which "seeks the promotion of social justice") has just published some statistics showing that German women earn less than German men.

As a UN body, it is unlikely that the ILO and its figures are even remotely accurate. Even so, the German newspapers splash them all over their front pages, with shrill headlines bewailing the injustice of it all, although there is nothing whatsoever to suggest that women get paid less for doing the same jobs - it's just that women tend to choose jobs that are less well paid than men.

A woman called Irmingard Schewe-Gerigk, who is the Green Party's Spokeswoman for Women, says that girls should adjust the criteria they use to choose a career (their Berufswahlverhalten, as the handy German compound word has it), priorising money-making above everything else.

It seems that the Greens have given up any pretence of being a nice middle class environmental party, whose policies, whilst impeccably dolphin-friendly, were economically naive. These days Gordon "Greed is Good" Gecko would be perfectly at home in the Greens.

But who does Frau Schewe-Gerigk think she is, doling out such cynical and amoral advice to impressionable girls? And what business is it of the Green Party to try and persuade everybody that nothing is more important than money?

If schoolgirls were to take this ridiculous, fatuous woman seriously, we'd have to create thousands upon thousands of highly paid non-jobs. We'd have the Spokeswomen for Women coming out of our ears. Literally.

Luckily, only the most stupid and greedy schoolgirls are likely to follow this foolish woman's advice. Nobody listens to the Green Party anymore, having seen it for the pathetic collection of losers it is.

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