Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Turkey Wants Full EU Membership

Ali Babacan, Turkey's EU negotiator, tells MEP's his country is still aiming for full membership of the fading entity - rather than, as the French and Germans now propose, something called a "privileged partnership."

It seems highly generous, not to say foolhardy, of the Turks that they are sticking to their guns in this matter, when everyone knows that, should they eventually - and it'll take a minimum ten years of tedious negotiations - gain admission to the inner sanctum, their main role will be to provide workers, carers and capital for a continent otherwise populated only by elderly buffers and toothless crones, presided over by a set of corrupt and witless apparatchiks, and whatever other flimflam that the tide of time has washed up on Europe's shores.

Were I a Turk, I would do everything I could to persuade my government to abandon this risky and somehow depressing step. As a European, of course, I am delighted that the Turks are still minded to join us in our gently decaying, would-be superstate.

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