Monday, July 25, 2005

RIP: Jean Charles de Menezes, An Innocent Man Shot On Suspicion Of Being A Terrorist - The Israelification of Our Security

Jean Charles de Menezes was shot last Friday by policemen under the impression he was a suicide bomber.

His death is the result of the UK police's "shoot to kill" policy, which applies to potential suicide bombers, who can most effectively be "disarmed" by shots to the head.

The police have made a terrible mistake for which Mr de Menezes has paid with his life.

The policy is not being reviewed; the police are openly saying that more innocents may be shot on suspicion of being terrorists. This may well be a consequence we have to accept if we want "effective policing" to control suicide bombers. After all, no-one would argue that the police should let suspected suicide bombers loose on crowded Tube stations. But this Israelification of our security means it is no longer possible to say that UK society hasn't changed, for the worse, in reaction to terrorism.

R.I.P.Telegraph News More innocents could be shot

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