Thursday, July 14, 2005

Terror Watch: German Writer Claims Turkish "Master Race" Less Inclined To Anti-Western Aggression

This blog occasionally highlights particularly ludicrous examples of supposed "insight" into Islamist terror. Today's example comes from Herbert Kremp, in his column in today's Rheinische Post. Here he explains why people of Turkish background are less attracted to anti-Western aggression than other Islamic citizens:

"Turkish minorities have less of a tendency to it (anti-Western aggression) because, despite the loss of the Ottoman Empire, they are filled with the consciousness of being a Master Race."

(Türkische Minderheiten neigen dazu am wenigsten, denn sie sind trotz der Verlusts des osmanischen Reiches vom Selbstbewusstsein eines Herrschaftsvolks erfüllt.")

Loopy one, eh? Still, if Herbert Kremp's assumption were correct, it would be yet another excellent reason for welcoming the Turks into the EU.

You may be wondering who Herr Kremp is. He is a "veteran" journalist, apparently respected in Germany. One doubts that this apercu will go down as one of his successes, though - even in Germany, where the wildest nonsense about the outside world is often accepted without a murmur, by seemingly intelligent people.

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